Frequently Asked Questions

Will the foundation’s work increase our school budget and, therefore, our taxes?

No. The foundation was formed because people recognize that it is increasingly difficult to expand government funding levels to enhance excellence in our schools. Community fundraising is a necessary component to achieve that excellence.

Does the foundation’s fundraising detract from fundraising efforts of other school groups?

The foundation supports the efforts of all school organizations and does not compete for similar funds. The foundation recognizes the efforts of all school support groups as an integral part of the educational process.

How does the foundation choose which projects to fund?

A comprehensive application and selection process has been established for teachers to apply for mini-grants. A scoring rubric, guidelines, and applications are published on the “For Teachers” page. Major Projects are chosen by the Board of Directors after conferring with school administrators.

Who runs the foundation?

The foundation is comprised of a board of directors consisting of community members from many walks of life, including business leaders, educators, and parents. All directors are volunteers.