Educational Impact Grant

Educators and other school staff routinely develop creative programs to enhance students’ educational experiences. Often these programs require funding that is not available in the annual school budget. In order to support these innovative endeavors, the Wallingford Education Foundation (WEF) awards funds based on specific requests. Educational Impact Grants typically range from $500 – $5,000. These grants comply with school district guidelines and are intended to provide:

Educational opportunities for students that are not available within current district budget constraints. These may be curricular or extra-curricular.

New initiatives that enhance the educational mission of the schools through collaborative partnerships with the community.

Matching dollars when external grants require the inclusion of local matching funds. Matching grant requests must be related to the above two areas of WEF funding.

Wallingford staff members (any employee of Wallingford Public Schools) who wish to request financing are asked to complete an application and submit it to the WEF via email anytime between March 1 and 4:00 p.m. on April 1. Applicants are urged to read the entire application packet carefully and to pay particular attention to all terms and conditions.

Robin Renzi and Rebecca Kirk received full funding to implement a therapy support dog program at their school. Research studies have shown that therapy dogs can help reduce stress and anxiety levels as well as promote social interaction.