Professional Development Grants Program

Like all professionals anywhere, educators in the Wallingford Public Schools participate in ongoing professional development and collaborative opportunities funded by our annual school budget.  However, the Wallingford Education Foundation (WEF) recognizes the transformative impact that can result from an educator who chooses to attend professional development that might lie beyond the usual scope and financial reach of the town’s budget.  The opportunity to work with other passionate educators as they reflect on the changing needs of our world and how best to serve our students can be some of the most motivating, transformational experiences an educator can have.  With the Professional Development Grants Program (formerly known as the Reflective Educators Grants), the WEF seeks to fuel and spread innovative ideas among members of the Wallingford educational community. 

The Professional Development Grants Program offers:

Paired grants of $1000 each for two WPS educators to attend a professional development opportunity together OR single annual grants of up to $2000 for an individual educator to attend a professional development opportunity

Application deadlines are:

  • October 16 (notification date is November 1) for our EDUCATE AND SUPPORT GRANTS, which cover professional development occurring between January 1 and June 15 of the following calendar year
  • March 23 for our INSPIRE AND SUPPORT GRANTS, which cover professional development occurring between June 16 and December 31 of the current calendar year

Each grant includes the following documented costs (up to a maximum of $1000 for individuals attending in pairs and $2000 for individuals attending alone):

  • Round-trip travel from Wallingford to an official professional development conference (or similar opportunity)
  • Conference lodging, as necessary
  • Conference fees

Grantees* agree to:

    • Create a one-minute video for the WEF website illustrating how the Professional Development Grant experience enhances teaching and learning for Wallingford students and teachers now and in the future (due within 30 days of the end of the professional development experience).
    • Record their professional development experience in the Wallingford Public Schools staff expert database and make themselves available to work with or train other interested Wallingford educators.
    • Encourage their colleagues to apply for future WEF Professional Development Grants.
    • Pay any professional development related expenses beyond the amount of the WEF Professional Development grant.
    • Provide written documentation, including receipts, of all costs associated with the grant.
    • Ensure that their professional development work meets at least one of the following four core focus areas articulated by the Wallingford Public Schools:

–         Early Childhood Exploratory Committee Recommendations

–         High School Reform Initiatives


–         Personalized Learning

–         Competency/Standards Development

–         Global Awareness


–         Student Success Plan

–         Advisory

–         College and Career Readiness

–         Authentic Learning Opportunities

–         District Climate

–         Positive Behavior Intervention Support

–         Student Attendance


–         Leverage Technology

–         Relevant Learning

–         Credit Recovery

–         Anytime Anyplace Learning

Application forms are available at HERE.

Applications should be submitted by email to Brittany Barbaro, WEF Grants Committee Chair at

*Please note:

  • Grant winners are ineligible to reapply for WEF Professional Development Grants for 36 months after winning a grant.
  • Professional Development Grant recipients will be selected and approved by the Wallingford Education Foundation’s Board of Directors based on strength of application (available on our website: and good standing with WPS officials.

The Professional Development Grants Recipients:

Duane Samuel who is the School Psychologist at Moses Y. Beach and Integrated Preschool at Cook Hill was the Wallingford Education Foundations first Professional Development Grant winner!


He will use the WEF Professional Development Grant to attend the National Association of School Psychologists 2016 Annual Convention in New Orleans. This year’s theme is School Climate: Connect the Dots. He is a member of the District Climate Committee and the Moses Y. Beach Elementary School Climate Committee, so this is a wonderful and fortunate opportunity for Duane to be able to attend a personal and professionally relevant annual convention. He will be attending workshops and sessions geared towards creating inclusive and welcoming environments for all students and families. Duane will be learning from leaders in school climate about how to improve student engagement and parent involvement in the Wallingford schools. Duane plans to bring this knowledge back to our district and implement these ideas immediately. Duane plans on sharing some of the great things Wallingford is doing as a district with others from around the nation, and learn new information about some of the strategies we can use in Wallingford.

Duane is pictured engaging in a friendly game of Hungry Hungry Hippo with a couple of students at MYB!