Published on October 11th, 2018

The Grant Process

Below is an outline of the Wallingford Education Foundation Grant Process.

  1. Each year the Foundation will award Educational Impact Grants of $500- $5,000 each.
  2. The Chairperson of the Wallingford Education Foundation is responsible for soliciting 4 individuals from the board of the WEF who in addition to the chairperson will serve as the Grants Committee.
  3. Educational Impact grants will be awarded for the following purposes:
    1. Educational opportunities to meet the challenges in a global society
    2. Community and School Partnerships:  New initiatives that enhance the educational mission of the schools through collaborative partnerships
    3. Leveraging External Grants:  Matching dollars when grants are required by the funder to include local matching funds.  Matching grant requests must be related to the above two areas of Foundation funding
  4. Educational Impact grant applications must be submitted no later than April 1 to the chairperson of the grants committee.
  5. Grant applications will be distributed to all grant committee members. Each member is responsible for completing a grant evaluation form for each grant prior to the grant committee meeting.
  6. The grant committee will meet no later than May 15 to select the Educational Impact grant recipients and to establish a recommendation for the full WEF Board regarding major grant funding.
  7. The grant committee chairperson will present the Educational Impact grant recipients to the WEF board at their May meeting.  The chairperson will also present the recommendation of the committee for the major grant award.  Selection of the major grant requires a vote of the WEF board.
  8. Educational Impact grant recipients will be notified prior to the end of the school year.  Grant recipients will be announced at the staff meeting prior to the opening of school the following fall.
  9. Major grant announcements will be determined by the grant committee.